Class descriptions

Pilates Intro

Suitable for beginners with no previous experience.
Learn Pilates breathing, get to know basic Pilates concepts such as powerhouse, alignment and centering, and become familiar with the key exercises of this versatile training concept that strengthens your core and promotes a healthy posture.


A workout on the mat that primarily targets the deeper lying, small and usually weaker muscle groups that ensure an upright and healthy posture. Strengthen your core with harmoniously flowing movements, practice balance and coordination, improve joint mobility and as a nice side effect gain a positive body image.


Yoga Intro

Suitable for beginners with no previous experience.
Get to know the basics of the centuries-old Yoga philosophy, the Ujjayi breathing as well as the sun salutation, one of the most well-known movement sequences, which gives you more strength and flexibility.


Vinyasa Yoga

A dynamic form of Yoga in which different asanas (body positions/postures) are connected to create a smooth flow of movement and we synchronize the movements with our breathing. You exercise the muscles of the entire body, practice flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance. The class begins with pranayama (breathing exercises) and ends with a short meditation.

Yin Yoga / Stretching

Come into harmony with yourself in this quiet class. Deep stretching exercises, which we sometimes hold for several minutes, gently increase the mobility of the entire body, release tension in the muscles and give your body the opportunity to regenerate and recharge your batteries.